Chive Cream Cheese Dip

Chive Cream Cheese Dip

Do you have chives growing in your garden?

Or maybe you are wise and have them growing in your house?


I have an abundance of chives growing in containers on my patio, in a crack near my steps and in my garden!  What to do with them is the question.  I looked up various recipes for Chive Cream Cheese Dip and took ideas from a few of them and made my own recipe to fit my needs.  I wanted to use the edible flowers that grow on chives and couldn’t find a recipe that included them.  I hope you enjoy my recipe for your next party or just to enjoy at home.

First ingredient: Chives!!

how to use chives for cooking

Grow them in your garden or grow them in your house – they are very hard to kill and reproduce really well.  They come back every year outside and are always one of the first signs of spring at our house.  They are easy to divide up to grow them in various places throughout your yard or garden.

Now, using them in your kitchen.  Something I still am working on.  My husband adds them to cottage cheese and I’ve used them in soup.  Trying to find as many uses as I can, since I have so many and love growing them.  I never ate the flowers before, but did try one the other day.  It was nice and spicy like an onion and gave way to a lot of flavor.  In my mission to find many ways to use chives, I searched for a chive cream cheese dip recipe that I could maybe make and serve with carrots.  All of the recipes were really simple, but none of them used the flowers.  Since I am a new fan of the flowers, I decided to devise my own recipe that includes the flowers.

how to make your own chive onion cream cheese

Finely chop chives and mix into cream cheese.

how to cook with chives     using chives in dips

cream cheese dip using chives

Cut the tiny individual flowers off of the chive head and finely chop.

can you eat chive flowers     you can eat chive flowers

edible flowers

Mix in garlic powder and black pepper.

garlic powder and black pepper

Serve with carrots and radishes.  Or you can spread the chive cream cheese on bagels or crackers.  Bring to a party or keep it at home for yourself!  It is delicious!

cream cheese dips for parties

I love to take my dips to parties in my Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Containers – They are durable, elegant with easy to use lids and I put both lids and dishes in dishwasher.

Let me know if you have any more ideas for using chives!