DIY Felt Flower Wreath

DIY Felt Flower Wreath

Have an empty space on your door or wall?

Make this awesome felt flower wreath!


This felt flower wreath is easy to make and incorporates a lot of techniques for awesome results.  You can customize it by using the colors you want and by using the types of flowers you want to make for it.  Very versatile.

5 sheets of felt will make 112 pieces for the covering for the foam base.  The curved shapes that you cut remind me of cutting a bunch of fish scales!

Hot glue the ends in place as you travel around the foam wreath, overlapping as you go.

diy foam and felt wreath     foam wreath covered with felt

felt foam wreath flowers     grey felt foam wreath

There is 4 different flowers in this wreath and each have their own directions.

Black Flower

Each flower takes one piece of felt cut in half the long way – fold and sew down the long edge of all pieces on the fold side.  Sewing part can be skipped, but does make the flower easier to roll up.

how to make a felt flower     how to sew a felt flower

Cutting on the open side – cut fringes about 1/4″ apart stopping before the sewing line.  Do the same to a small piece of white felt, as well, for the center piece.

Start rolling the small white piece and attach the end with hot glue.  Glue on the black piece and roll that around the small white piece – gluing as needed as you go around.  Repeat with a second black fringed piece.

diy felt flower     how to make a felt flower

diy felt flower sewing

Red Flower

One piece of felt will make 3 red flowers.  Cut each piece of felt into three long pieces and fold and sew the long edge.

how to make a flower wreath     how to sew a felt flower

Cut on the fold side fringes about 1/4″ apart – stopping before the sewn line.

how to make a felt flower with fringes     how to make fringed felt

Roll up the piece of felt and secure with a hot glue and a round piece of felt on the bottom – to keep everything in place.

how to make a rolled felt flower     red fringed felt flower

White Flower

Cut a piece of felt into 3 long pieces and use two of them for each flower.  Fold and sew on the fold side of these.  The sewing part can be skipped, but does help when rolling the flower.

how to make a felt flower     diy felt flower sewing

Cut each open side into spikes – making sure not to cut past the sewn edge.  Place one on top of the other – offsetting the spikes.

how to cut zig zag on felt     making felt flowers

Sew these two together and then roll up and glue the flower.

felt flower wreath     spiked felt flower

Grey Flower

The grey flower is made in two different sizes.   To make the smaller ones – cut two circles out of one piece of felt.  To make the bigger ones – cut one big circle out of a piece of felt.  Cut all circles into spirals.

how to make felt flowers from circles     how to roll a flower

Roll up the spirals and glue.

Assemble all of your flowers onto the wreath and pin in place before gluing – that way you can move something if it doesn’t look quite right.

attaching flowers to felt wreath

Take a long strip of felt and cut it into three strips leaving together at the end.  Braid all three strips together.

how to braid felt

Wrap the braid around the wreath – glue together – add a flower on the front.  Attach a safety pin on the back to use for hanging.

diy flower felt wreath     how to make a felt wreath

diy handmade felt flower wreath

handmade felt flower wreath

Happy adventures making your own felt flower wreath!