How to Make a Dragonfly Monoprint

How to Make a Dragonfly Monoprint

Want to decorate your walls with your own modern one of a kind artwork?

Make these wonderful Dragonfly Monoprints!


First of all, some of you might be wondering – “What is a monoprint?”  A monoprint is a printmaking method in which each print is unique – there are never two exactly the same.  I love making monoprints, because the results are fast and the results are satisfying.  I can’t wait to put the two prints I made up on my wall for all to see.

There are many versions of making monoprints, so be aware that the method I am going to share here is by far not the only way you can making monoprints.  This is just a great way for you to diy at home with limited supplies and it is very quick.

First I drew a picture of a dragonfly that I wanted to use for my prints.  You could also print off a picture or clip art from the internet and use that.  You won’t be copying anything, because once it is transformed into a print the image is your unique artwork.

Tape your image to the back of a piece of plexiglass or glass (make sure to wrap edges with tape).  Plexiglass is the best option – less likely for you to get cut or for it to get broken.  Doing this with kids means plexiglass for sure.  Yes, kids can monoprint too!  I did this at a show with over 100 kids and they loved making new images over and over again.

I used acrylic paint for these monoprints, but go ahead and use tempera for the kids.  Tempera won’t dry as fast(which is good for kids to work slower), but just make sure they don’t put it on too thick or they will end up with blob pictures!  (which can be cool also!)

how to make your own dragonfly prints     painting and printmaking dragonfly

Since I used acrylic paint, which dries pretty quick, I applied all of my paint fast and very painterly.  I didn’t waste time trying to line up my brushstrokes with my design or think too much about where I was putting each color.  This process of “not thinking” will really loosen up your creativity and you will be happy with the results.  There are other monoprinting ways to do this if you need a precise result, but this way will give you a looser painterly result.

diy dragonfly printmaking artwork

After adding all of you colors – go back and add more of your first or second color if it dried already and then you are ready to print.  Take another piece of paper and gently lay it over your paint, rub the back of the paper and then slowly lift up your print.

Here is the first print I did.

how to make a monoprint

And here is the second print I did.

how to become a printmaker

See how unique each one is and how they are not exactly the same, but both are beautiful!

Now, an optional thing you can do is draw onto your monoprints, to bring out some of the details that were lost in the printing method.

I used a thin permanent black marker to draw back into my prints.  Again using the “no thinking” method, quickly drawing.

diy printmaking for beginners

diy printmaking for kids

How you would like to frame these is up to you, but I mounted mine on a heavy textured paper and put them each into a black frame.

how to make your own dragonfly artwork home decor

I haven’t decided which room I am going to display these in yet, but I think they look wonderful together and I can’t wait to put them up.

I hope you have a great time making your own dragonfly monoprints for your home and be sure to let the kids try too!