Turning An Egg Into a Baby Chick!

Turning An Egg Into a Baby Chick!

We had our first baby chick hatch this week at Meadow Rayne Gardens…so happy that we turned an egg into a baby chick.

First chick to be laid, hatched and raised by a momma chicken at Meadow Rayne Gardens.


We believe Baby “Dell” is a cross between a White Crested Blue Polish(mom) and a Buff Brahma(dad), being raised by a Buff Orpington.

Baby “Dell” took 20 days to hatch and is the only egg to hatch out of the 9 we started with.

Our Cuchin (“Big Puffy”) started warming the eggs and within 2 weeks the eggs were stolen by the Buff Orpington (“Golden Bitey”)!

My husband read that the success rate for hatching eggs is low when raised by a broody momma and increases with the use of an incubator.  My friend at work offered her incubator for us to borrow, so we are going to give it a try and see if we can get a few more babies this summer.  Wish us luck!