The Easiest Way to Make Butterflies using Pipe Cleaners

The Easiest Way to Make Butterflies using Pipe Cleaners

I wanted to make butterflies using pipe cleaners…tried to find a good tutorial…couldn’t…made my own directions!


I hope I can provide you with the easiest directions to make these lovely butterflies and dragonflies using pipe cleaners.  It is very disappointing when you search on the internet to find directions on how to make something and then the directions are too hard or just don’t work.  The directions I found for this project was for kids and it was way too hard for a kid to do.  I think I could provide the directions even better if I made a video…so that is on my list of things to do, but for now, I hope you can follow my picture directions and create these lovelies for yourself or with your children!

First, collect your supplies:

3 pipe cleaners (Creativity Street Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners 12 Inch x 6mm 100-Piece, Assorted Colors)

5 pony beads (Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box Kit, 19.75-Ounce, Pearl)

1 bead larger or at least different than the pony beads (Chenille Kraft AC3780DI Plastic Carved Decorated Exotic Bead, Assorted Color, 4 oz. Size, 1.1″ Height, 4.5″ Width, 6″ Length (Pack of 170))

1 even larger bead for head


how to make a pipe cleaner beaded butterfly   how to make a pipe cleaner dragonfly

Start by folding each of the pipe cleaners in half

On one of them add the 5 pony beads and the one larger bead, fold the end over a little to hold the beads on.  You will be adding the beads while the pipe cleaner is still folded.

Take a second pipe cleaner, unfold it, center it on the first pipe cleaner and wrap it around once right above the beads.

diy instructions for pipe cleaner butterfly     how to add pipe cleaner wings to butterfly

To make the wings:

Bottom wings:  Wrap each wing down and back up to the center leaving about 1/4″ – 1/2″ to wrap around the center pipe cleaner to secure.

the best way to make pipe cleaner butterfly     diy butterfly pipe cleaner wings

diy pipe cleaner dragonfly     diy pipe cleaner crafts

For the upper wings: Same directions, only start by folding up the wings instead of folding them down.

diy pipe cleaner butterfly     how to pipe cleaner crafts

butterfly crafts     butterfly crafts for kids

After the wings are done – add on the last biggest bead for a head.

Wrap each end of the pipe cleaners around a pencil for the perfect end to the antennae.

diy beaded butterfly     how to make a beaded dragonfly

diy pipe cleaner dragonfly

Try making these in a variety of colors.

how to make your own pipe cleaner butterfly

You can also make a dragonfly – just add more beads and make the bottom wings using a pipe cleaner that is cut shorter.

how to make the perfect pipe cleaner butterfly

Once I figured out a good way to get the wings on…this craft went super fast.  It was rewarding when each was finished to see how cute each one turned out.  Try one today with your kids and make sure to let me know if you have questions about adding on the wings…like I said I really need to do a video so you can see the process in motion!

Update 7/21/17 – here is the video – The Easiest Way to Make Pipe Cleaner Butterflies

Happy Crafting!