DIY Paint Chip Craft Artwork

DIY Paint Chip Craft Artwork

You can make your own paint chips or you can “borrow” them from the store!

Either way, this project will look awesome on your wall!


So, I was browsing around the internet, and found that a lot of people are using paint chips from the hardware stores to make crafts and artwork.  I found it interesting, but I don’t live near a hardware store and I wanted a more personalized touch to my artwork.  I decided, “hey, I’m a diy-er I can make paint chips myself!”  I took on the challenge, made my own paint chips and then created these beautiful bird inspired artworks, ready for display on my wall.

This project can definitely be done using paint chips from the hardware store or you can follow my directions to make your own paint chips.


I chose to use watercolor paper, more durable and can withstand adding paint to it and it won’t curl as much when dry, like thinner paper will.  Each “paint chip” is 3″ x 5″.

I used a ruler to divide my paper in to sections and making sure to leave a small white space between each section.  While searching on the internet, I preferred seeing the crafts make with paint chips that had dividing white lines, but if you like the ones where the colors are right next to each other, go ahead with that option.

I then started with some acrylic lavender paint that I had leftover from my Burlap Placemats project and painted the first section.  I added a few drops of purple paint to the container – mixed it up and painted the next section and so on…getting darker with each addition of purple paint until I had all four sections painted.

paint chip crafts     how to make your own paint chips

diy paint chip crafts artwork     easy way to use paint chips

I then spent some time making a few other paint chips using various colors of leftover paint that I had from other projects.

how to make your own paint chip craft artwork

Now that I had a selection of paint chips to work with, I decided on using a bird for inspiration for this project.  I am in a spring-time mood and am loving the birds being back in Wisconsin and singing when I wake up in the morning.

For this part you can either draw your own bird or find a free template on the internet and use that to cut out and trace to make each bird.  I traced my birds on the back of my paint chips to avoid having pencil lines to erase.  I made two different sizes for variety.  But if you are making just one, choose whatever size works best for your frame that you are going to put the bird inside.

how to make bird paint chip craft artwork     how to make your own bird paint chip craft

I wanted picture frames that would match my artwork, so I found 3 old brown picture frames and painted them using the leftover paint from my paint chips, each frame took 3 coats of paint, so make sure you have enough, I came really close to not having enough for all of my frames.

how to make picture frames match

I cut 3 pieces of cardstock to fit in each from and mounted each bird with sticky glue dots.  Popped them all back into the frames and they are now ready to become part of my décor.  I haven’t settled on the perfect spot for them yet, but I plan on displaying them as a set.  If you don’t want to make all 3 – go ahead and just make one!  It will be just beautiful!

how to make your own paint swatches

bird paint swatch artwork

diy bird paint chip art craft

bird inspired artwork

I hope this inspires you to make your own paint chip bird themed artwork.

Please enjoy yourself and make something artistic today!