How to Make Mini Tissue Paper Flowers

How to Make Mini Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are fun – but even more fun if you make them mini!


Recently, I made a bud vase using recycled book pages, and I added a mini tissue paper flower to it for decoration.  And I thought, I should do a tutorial in case anyone wanted to add a mini tissue paper flower to their bud vase, as well!

These are so simple and you get the reward of a finished product in less than 10 minutes!

First choose your colors of tissue paper – for this tutorial I chose yellow and blue.  I wanted to create a center in my flower, so I only used 2 yellow and I used 7 blue for the main flower part.  9 just seems to be a good number of papers for all of the flowers I have made – I made these same flowers using full sheets of tissue paper and still used 9 sheets.  That made huge beautiful flowers!

making mini tissue paper flowers

After you have your nine pieces of paper chosen –  stack them up in the order you want the colors to appear – with the center color being on top.  Cut them all at the same time into a square – my flower is about 3″ square. Fold them accordion style – all together as a group.

how to fold tissue paper flowers

Now, there are many ways to gather these up at the center point.  You could use yarn, pipe cleaners, wire, etc…  I used wire as I was planning on attaching this to a bottle.  I made it extra long for that purpose, but make shorter if you are using for another reason.  Make the twist in the wire or tie in the yarn on the side that is not the center of your flower…in my case I twisted the wire behind the blue tissue paper.

how to make tissue paper flowers

The next part is important – don’t skip this part – I made a flower and skipped this part once and it was ugly!

Round off both of the edges of your folded paper with scissors.

tying tissue paper flowers     diy tissue paper flowers

Now you can fan out the edges of your tissue paper – opening up your creation.

diy instructions tissue paper flower

One by one – begin to gently pull each layer of tissue paper to the center of your flower – getting as close to the wire as you can.

instuctions for tissue paper flower     diy tissue paper flower

instructions for diy tissue paper flower

Once you have them all open your flower should look beautiful, like this one!

diy how to make a tissue paper flower

There are many uses for your mini tissue paper flowers.  I used one of mine to decorate this DIY Recycled Bud Vase.

recycling book pages into home decor

I hope you have fun making these adorable mini tissue paper flowers!