Diy Bandana Skirt

Diy Bandana Skirt

Do you have any extra bandanas lying around?

Need a skirt for a special occasion, or just want a cool skirt made from bandanas?


My sister-in-law made this great bandana skirt that I want to share with you today.  She needed a skirt for school for cowboy/cowgirl day and made herself this awesome one out of bandanas.  All of her students were complimenting her all day on her handiwork!

Just like me – she loves to reuse what she already has and turn it into something new.  I also have bandanas lying around the house that I need to make into something – I used one already for a great menu for my kitchen.

She used 6 bandanas for this project.

Here are some pics on what she did – I love the fabric she used for the waistband – goes so well with the red bandanas!

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I hope you are inspired to make your own bandana skirt – never know when you might need to be a cowgirl!

This would make a great part of a Halloween costume!