How to Teach Kids to Sew – Kite Sewing Craft

How to Teach Kids to Sew – Kite Sewing Craft

Not enough wind outside?

Your kids want to fly a kite, but can’t?

Help them make a kite and learn some sewing skills instead!


This is a great craft for both you and your kids to enjoy together.  Kids love to learn to sew and the directions for this project are so easy, even a kindergartener can do them.  But, the instructions are adaptable to fulfill a wide range of age and talent levels.  Find the instructions Here .  The original instructions are for a heart shape, but all you have to do is change the shape to a kite shape and follow all of the same directions!

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I hope you enjoy making this simple craft with your loved ones…

 I know that my children and I love crafting together.