How to Recycle Book Pages into Paper Roses

How to Recycle Book Pages into Paper Roses

Have any old books lying around?

Perhaps an old dictionary that you no longer need, now that the internet was invented?!?


I have an old dictionary that I no longer need and am trying to find various ways to use up the pages.  I began my adventures by creating Paper Gift Bags, they turned out really well and used up a few pages.  But, I have a few hundred more pages to go.

I got the idea to make paper roses from a friend on facebook, so I searched for instructions and then came up with my own version.

First you need to cut 3 equal sized squares.  The bigger the squares the bigger the rose.  I cut mine into 3 1/2″ squares.

Then fold each square in half to make a triangle, then in half again and then one more time.

how to make paper roses out of book pages                          how to turn book pages into paper roses

Now, you have 3 baby triangles…oh, so cute!!

      how to turn a book into paper roses

Cut a curve on the open end of each triangle (see arrows).  Then cut off each tip just a little.


Open up all of the triangles and cut them apart.  Cut one section off of one, leaving a 7 section and a 1 section.  Cut a section of 2 off of another, leaving a 6 section and a 2 section.  Cut a section of 3 off of the last, leaving a 5 section and a 3 section.

how to make paper roses

Refold all of them so that all of the sections fold towards the middle.

Now we can start forming them into flower shapes.  Hot glue edges together on all, but the 2 section one and the 1 section one.

how to recycle book pages

Onto, using the handy dandy tool…be careful…it is very expensive!!  Not!  A simple toothpick!

Roll the edges of each flower piece onto a toothpick.  The 2 section piece and the 1 section piece, get completely rolled around the toothpick. (thinking I should have been a hand model).

how to recycle a book into a paper rose    making a paper rose

how to make a paper rose

Almost done, time to assemble.  Hot glue gun ready…Put a little glue on the end of the 6 section piece and insert it into the middle of the 7 section piece.  Then put a little glue on the end of the 5 section piece and insert it into the 6 section piece.  Add in the 3 section, 2 section and 1 section, creating the layers of the flower.  There should be a hole all the way through the center when you are through, this is for adding a stem if desired.

diy paper rose        diy recycle book into paper rose

diy paper rose from book pages

The paper rose is completed and ready to use, however you can also color the edges.  I chose to do this one with colored decorating chalks.  I just dusted each edge with a purple color, adding as much as desired.

how to make colored paper roses           decorate paper rose with chalks

diy colored paper roses

These paper roses can be used for a variety of things,  I chose to add mine to some gift tags that I made.

diy gift tag with paper rose

Made the tags and hot glued the rose in place.

paper rose made from book pages


Hopefully, you are inspired to make your own paper roses, if you do make any, please send me comments and pictures about how you used and displayed your paper roses.