Coffee Inspired Burlap Placemats

Coffee Inspired Burlap Placemats

Do you want unique placemats for your table setting?

These Burlap ones are amazingly simple.


I started by cutting 4 pieces of burlap 14″ x 18″

I took out 4 rows of the burlap on each edge to have frayed edges.

how to fray edges of burlap

Then I had a dilemma, how to get a coffee cup picture onto each of these.

Decided to make my own stencil.

I stuck pieces of packaging tape back to back, so I had a big piece of tape that was not sticky on either side.

I drew a picture of a coffee cup – or you could find a template online – and traced it with sharpie onto my big piece of tape.  And cut it out with a sharp x-acto knife.

diy stencil      how to make a coffee cup stencil


Fun part was picking out my paint color.  I had to think about what my future dining room colors are going to be, since my dining room needs a makeover.  I chose to mix my own color using white and purple and came up with a gorgeous lavender.

stenciling with paint

I found this cool sponge brush to use for stenciling, bigger than the stencil brushes I own, to make the job go faster.

Tape all the stencil pieces in place with masking tape and start adding the paint.

how to stencil on placemats     how to stencil on burlap

how to paint on burlap

how to make coffee cup placemats

Now how to make them more personalized.  Initials?  Names?

I chose to go with initials because I have these wonderful foam letter stamps that I found at a thrift store and have been dying to use.  They have a clear back on them, so you can see exactly where you are putting each letter.

how to add initials to burlap placemats     diy personalized burlap placemats


Then I took a look at all four of them that I made…boring.  They were all lacking in something…I was hoping to be done with just the coffee cups and letters, but the rest of the placemat was dull, empty and boring.  What to add???  Stitching and embroidery, of course.decorative stitching on burlap

I stitched up one side of the placemat and the top of the placemat with a darker lavender thin yarn.  Simple stitch, just went over three sections of the burlap and under 3 sections of the burlap.  Really didn’t take a lot of time.

The placemats were still lacking something, still seemed too empty.  What is always pictured with a coffee cup?  Steam or smoke as my daughters call it!

I used an embroidery stitch (backstitch) in black, above the coffee cup to create lovely steam!

how to stitch on burlap

how to make personalized placemats

Finish up your placemats by using a little clear fabric glue on the end of each string on the sides and top of the placemat, so they don’t pull out.  I then sprayed them with an acrylic sealer.  This will help lessen the amount of shedding from the burlap and will aid with handwashing any stains.

Have a great time making your own personalized burlap placemats!

Any questions?  Be sure to add a comment to this page, I would love to hear from you.