Diy Recycled Book Gift Bag

Diy Recycled Book Gift Bag

Want to make a unique gift bag for someone special?


Making a unique gift bag for that special someone makes the gift you give them even more special!  Putting time and thought into making it special for them, will give you more satisfaction and also get you more thanks and praise! (if you’re into that!)

I found an old dictionary that I really didn’t need anymore and said to myself, what can I do with this big old book?  A few things came to mind and I decided to start with gift bags.  It got me to do a little crafting and a little stamping and I felt my creativity bug get a little more fulfilled!  Sometimes you have to spend time doing what you like to feel better.

Time to get started !

First I cut 2 pages to the width I wanted the gift bag to be.  One will become the front and one will become the back, unless you make a small bag then you may only need one page.  But I suggest making two right away, so you have a back up piece in case you mess up.

White was too boring for me, so I wanted to add some color to the pages.  I watered down some acrylic paint in mustard yellow color.


Mix it up and paint on your paper – I just painted on one side of each…I wanted to leave the inside white for contrast.

Let dry.  Then cut one piece to your desired size.  This first piece will become the front of your bag, so it will be smaller than your next piece.


Then add some stamping to embellish your bag.  I do this before I bother gluing the bag together, just in case I mess up.


Hot glue the smaller piece onto the larger piece, making sure the larger piece is tall enough to fold over and close the bag.  I found it easier to glue one edge at a time so they lined up well and so the glue didn’t dry too quick.

recycled book project


I rounded the edges of the part that folds over with scissors.

how to make recycled bag

I punched a small hole through the top and added a large silver brad, embellished the bottom with a word of inspiration and added another stamped bee…done and satisfied…this bag is just the right size to put a gift card in.  What an awesome way to package a gift card and still give that “gift from the heart feeling”.

Try this great project in different colors, sizes and styles to fit all your favorite people’s likes!

What are your favorite ideas for using book pages?

Post me a message, I can’t wait to hear your ideas!