DIY Organize Your Spice Cupboard

DIY Organize Your Spice Cupboard

Do you need an easy, quick and cheap way to organize your spice cupboard?


I started this project a month ago and all the directions can be found here, How to start organizing your cupboards

I first made the “HONEY” one, and it took me awhile to plan and I was busy taking pictures, as I did each step.  So I got a little frustrated, but then I made the second and third one.  WOW!!!  SO MUCH FASTER!!   It only took me about 10 minutes for each one, so I was so much more excited about this project.

If you look at the first post in this series, you will read how things fall out of my cupboard.  I have pantry doors, so every time you open them, something falls out, because of the small lip that is supposed to hold things in.  Not anymore, these boxes fit so perfectly that they don’t even move when you open the door.

I am so excited, I can’t wait to do more and then nothing will ever fall out again!

Stay tuned for more updates on my organizing adventures!

Have any ideas for my other cupboards? 

Let me know, because every single one of them has a problem!