10 Cute Valentine Doodles

10 Cute Valentine Doodles

Why is it important to doodle?


Why is it important to doodle? – Many reasons, but my favorite is to relax.  Feeling stressed, restless and just too many things going on?  Take the time to doodle – even for just a few minutes.


These 10 cute Valentine doodles only took me about 10 – 15 minutes and I felt relaxed afterwards and got to do something creative for myself amongst a busy restless day.


Why don’t you try drawing a few Valentine’s themed doodles – start with a simple heart and see where it goes.  Maybe you can turn it into a balloon like I did or start with a bug and somehow add hearts to it.  I love my “heart butterfly” featured in my Cute Heart Sewing post.  Or try drawing some of my Summer Doodles

What could you add a cute Valentine’s doodle to?

Let me know something you would add a doodle to,

maybe I will try it too!