Mosaic Heart – Valentine’s Inspired Decor

Mosaic Heart – Valentine’s Inspired Decor


Mosaics are one of my favorite things to make, I love the idea of laying pieces together like a puzzle.  An easy way to make a mosaic is to use beautifully designed papers.

For this project I used 5 decorative papers, any size will do and scraps can be used for this, because it takes very little decorative paper.

I cut the paper into 1 inch squares and then cut those squares in half, into triangles.

I cut 2 squares for each color of paper for a total of 10 squares – totaling 20 triangles



I laid the pieces of my heart together into rows, starting with the bottom.  Once I had a row in place, I glued the pieces down with glue stick one at a time.


I glued my heart on an 8×10 inch piece of black fadeless paper.  This way it would fit easily into a frame.  After gluing all of the pieces down, I felt that there ended up being too much empty space in the background.  I decided to make a border with my some of my leftover decorative paper.



I cut 1 inch wide strips of the black and white paper and used a decorative edged scissors for the inside cut.  Finding that this also wasn’t enough to satisfy my creativity…I tucked a pink rectangle in each corner, so they showed up like triangles to echo my triangle mosaic design.



Didn’t take long for this project to dry…popped it into a simple black frame!


This project was pretty quick to do – about 20 – 30 minutes (longest part was lining up the triangles in the heart design!)


I hope you are inspired to make your own mosaic heart design.

Try one using bigger triangles for a big impact!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!