Cute Heart Sewing Project – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Cute Heart Sewing Project – Valentine’s Day Ideas

How about a cute heart sewing project for Valentine’s Day!


This project is great for almost any age level.  I teach it to kindergarteners and it is even fun for me to do!  So get out your crafting supplies, grab a cup of coffee, get the kids ready and prepare to have fun!


cardstock or tagboard


hole punch





pony beads



First draw a heart on your cardstock or tagboard.  My heart is 8 1/2″ across and 7″ tall.  I draw one heart and use it for a template to cut all the rest, but each heart can be individually drawn.  Then cut out the heart and punch holes around the edge.  I punch about 18 – 20 holes.

Cut any color of yarn  – 54″ long.  This is a little more than you need, but if little ones are doing this, it gives a little extra yarn for errors.  I tape the yarn to the back – easier for little ones, so they don’t pull the string out while they are working.


I use a plastic needle for little crafters, but I prefer a metal one for myself.  I put the yarn through the needle and knot twice so it doesn’t come undone while working.  Starting in the bottom hole, I use a simple pattern – up from the bottom and pull it through.  Kids love chanting this while they work…so cute!  Up from the bottom and pull it through, up from the bottom and pull it through, etc.

Keep going until you get all the way around the heart.  Knot the two ends of yarn together a couple of times and cut the strings even…Super easy!

Time to decorate!  Get out some markers and start decorating.  If you have a couple of little ones working, have one of them draw while the other is learning to sew and then switch off.  Keeps one of them busy and gives you time to help the other one with the sewing.

Want to increase the difficulty of this project for yourself or older children?


A simple add on to make this more exciting – add another color of yarn to your design.  I did the black string on this one the same as the white, except I sewed around the heart in the opposite direction.  This creates a criss-cross pattern and looks awesome!

Try a buttonhole stitch – this is really similar to our other stitch, except this time – use this pattern.  Up from the bottom, pull it through and go through the loop (the loop is just formed when you put the needle in the hole, but instead of avoiding it this time, we use it).  This catches the string on the outer edge of the heart.

Now try the buttonhole stitch, but add beads this time.  (I had to use the metal needle for this, beads would not fit on the plastic one).  Each time you do a new stitch you add 3 beads before going through the next hole, it is super fun.  Try a repeating pattern, or just put them on in random colors.  If you have a child that can handle beads, they will have a great time.  For some reason, kids love beads, especially shiny ones!  Be prepared for spills, even older children end up spilling beads!


Add cute little Valentine’s designs!

UPDATE:  Just added another version of this project to my website:  Kite Sewing Craft

Are you ready to try this project at home? 

Let me know how it worked out, there are many more variations you could do with this project. 

Have fun and make sure to leave me a comment!