How to start organizing your cupboard

How to start organizing your cupboard

Do you have a cupboard that is full of spices and baking supplies that is in need of organizing?

I do, and it is a mess.  Every time I open the door, there is a risk of something falling out at me!

So I am on a quest to organize this cupboard.


Here is my quick start on what looks to be a long journey!

I know I want to organize my spices in boxes.  1. so they don’t fall out of the cupboard and 2. so they have a permanent place to live.  The shelves on the side don’t have a big enough lip, so the spice jars are always falling out.   Good thing most of the them are plastic!

I decided to start with giving HONEY a place to live.  Glass jar!

I found that an empty butter box fit on the shelf perfectly…so I set to work.

I started by folding a piece of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper so that all of the edges around the bottom of the box were nice and crisp.

I cut the paper so the two short edges would have tabs that I could glue down to the box, so that when all the paper was folded and glued, the box underneath wouldn’t be showing on the edges.

I realized the top edge was too tall, so I had to recut it shorter and make new tabs.  Only took a minute.

Next I hot glued the tabs down onto the box and folded the edges down in the box.  Making sure all edges were secure.  It was kind of like wrapping a present.

I just cut a piece of felt to the size of the bottom of the box…I did not glue it down in case it gets dirty…I can just replace it with a new piece.

After wrapping the box with the paper, I punched out a scalloped oval shape in black scrapbook paper.  I used a white colored pencil to write the word “Honey”.  This gave it a chalkboard look to the tag without having to use chalkboard paint and chalk.

Here is the beginning of my clean and organized cupboard.  Only one part done and a bunch more to go!  I’ll keep you updated.

Do you have any tips for organizing a spice/baking cupboard without spending a lot of money?

Any DIY info greatly appreciated!

Leave me a comment, can’t wait to hear from you!