How to get your family to eat what you make

How to get your family to eat what you make

Menu Board

menu board   Turn This

     Into That          


So, I don’t know about you, but someone in my family always complains about what I make for supper.  So I thought about making one of the chalkboards where you write what today’s meal is…but then I was like…”they will all just complain sooner now!”

I saw a sign on pinterest with this phrase, but it was made on one of those cutting machines…don’t got one, but what do I have.  Foam letters.  Bought them for my kids years ago to craft with and the things never go away…so so many of them.

Went searching in the basement for the rest of my supplies

  1.  foam board
  2. bandana
  3. gesso
  4. acrylic paint

  Started with a piece of foil backed foam insulation board that my husband had in the basement.  Any foam board will work.  Cut about 2 inches smaller than the bandana.

It was really yucky looking so I quickly taped a piece of square fabric to the board to make the back look better.


  Pulled the fabric over and hot glued the edges onto back of board.

  Made the corners fit nice.

  Hot glued on all of my foam letters.

  Painted gesso on all of the tops of the letters and edges.  2 coats.  This step is optional…I just wanted to make sure my paint stuck good and I also didn’t have a lot of blue paint and didn’t want to end up having to do 4 coats of paint.

  Painted the tops of my letters with blue and green acrylic paint.

  Found these in my kitchen drawer.  Bought them in a set with my wooden spoons…never used them.  Yeah!! One more thing cleaned out.  Painted blue while the letters dried.

  Cleaned up the edges of the letters with black acrylic to match the bandana.

And hot glued on the wooden utensils.


  Saw a bunch of ways to hang foam boards on the internet.  Didn’t want to have to go buy anything and wanted a cheap easy way to hang this.  It is such a light project, all I needed was two safety pins and a piece of yarn!  Problem solved.




Tell me what you think!

How do you keep your family happy with what you choose for a meal?

Good luck cooking and making everyone happy!