DIY Kitchen Wall Art – Whisk it up!

DIY Kitchen Wall Art – Whisk it up!


Turn This

                                                                 Into That



  • Frame
  • 2 Whisks
  • Spray Paint
  • Fabric
  • Batting
  • Hot Glue


I was searching through my Pins on Pinterest, wondering when am I going to make any of the things that I have pinned.  I saw something similar to this using a fork, knife and spoon.

I went in my basement to find a frame, but the one I found did not fit the fork, knife and spoon right…so I went searching through my kitchen drawers…and really who needs 3 whisks!!  So 2 became part of this project.


First I took apart the frame, removed the glass and spray painted the frame and whisks



While those were drying, I cut a piece of batting to the same size as the backing board on the frame.  I secured it in place quickly with just 2 small pieces of tape.  I then cut my fabric slightly larger than the backing board.img_20161210_200433_188

I hot glued all the edges down and trimmed the excess off the corners…didn’t make them pretty – they don’t show once in frame.



Pop back in frame – hot glue the whisks on and voila!!

img_20161210_204428_533     img_20161210_204516_825    img_20161210_204419_495