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Paper Collage Christmas Tree for Kids

Paper Collage Christmas Tree for Kids

Trees are an exciting theme for me this winter, just can’t stop creating Christmas Tree projects!

This project, I developed for my 1st Graders.  Definitely could be used for K-2.

The project begins by tracing a triangle for the tree outline.  I have them trace their own since we have a good amount of class time to try and erase if needed.

christmas tree template

After tracing, we use paper strips.  I like to use ones that are developed for paper weaving – then I don’t have to precut for the kids and they don’t have to worry about cutting straight strips.

christmas crafts for kids

These are then cut by the kids to any size they want and glued on with bottle glue – one thin line of glue down each strip.  We talk about how to overlap pieces and fill in the white spaces so their tree becomes full and fun!

christmas crafts for kids

I print stars out on yellow cardstock.  They cut them out and brush on glue and add glitter, we put them on later when they are dry.  The trunk of the tree is just a wider paper strip cut to size.


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